Welcome to Alderin.com

UPDATE: March 2019

I have changed hosts, and due to my learning much more about cyber security, I will be drastically changing my blog's underlying code. This may take some time, since I do want to restore the older content from the Wordpress database, but I will not be using Wordpress. This change has been a long time in coming, and delayed because I had wanted to keep the blog up and running fully. However, the old VPS server is acting like it has fully crashed, so I am out of time.

Why change hosts? Because the old host was unresponsive to issues like the server crashing, and did not offer any newer OS options that I wanted for added stability, security features, and other software packages.


* Note that I DO NOT check in with ANY social media on a constant basis. I am not ignoring you and I mean no offense, but weeks may go by before I see anything on these systems.