Welcome to Alderin.com

UPDATE: February 2023

Well, uh... it's been a while, huh? I'm mostly doing blog-like-stuff in local files because, well, my audience is/was tiny if not imaginary. The writing was and is mostly for me to get thoughts organized and maybe remembered in case they evaporate from my head. I don't get to choose what gets captured like a permanent still frame and what gets immediately forgotten, so writing things down is the only way to be sure.

I lost my job at the beginning of 2023, March is later this week and I don't have a real dayjob replacement, so I'll be doing Lyft near full time and trying to make a SaaS startup in my 'spare' time. This decision led me to dig into my servers and hosts that had been collecting dust, and here we are: Dust blown off, OS updated, security patched, tons of things still to be reconstituted from backups that weren't running since the last host move. But that's what happens to hobbies when life gets busy.

UPDATE: March 2019

I have changed hosts, and due to my learning much more about cyber security, I will be drastically changing my blog's underlying code. This may take some time, since I do want to restore the older content from the Wordpress database, but I will not be using Wordpress. This change has been a long time in coming, and delayed because I had wanted to keep the blog up and running fully. However, the old VPS server is acting like it has fully crashed, so I am out of time.

Why change hosts? Because the old host was unresponsive to issues like the server crashing, and did not offer any newer OS options that I wanted for added stability, security features, and other software packages.


* Note that I DO NOT check in with ANY social media on a constant basis. I am not ignoring you and I mean no offense, but weeks may go by before I see anything on these systems.